Gmail to Check your Gmail

Gmail is the popular emailing service from Google that boasts millions of users due to its versatility, accessibility, and simplistic nature, plus it’s free! It also offers users free storage space of 15GB that is shared between other Google apps like Google Drive – which allows you to store files and Google+ photos. Their spam filter is the best compared to other email carriers ensuring that you your inbox (or spam) aren’t full of spam emails.

Using gmail to check your gmail is not as complicated as other email carriers make it out to be. Gmail has made it as self-explanatory as possible especially since the sign in page is uncluttered with confusing details. This mail can be accessed on your smartphone, computer and tablet depending on whichever device you are on and the experience is pleasant and efficient on any device.

People who use smartphones or tablets with the android OS (operating system) get to configure their Gmail email account on their gadgets. This enables them access other Google applications like Google Play Store which is the market where users can download thousands of applications.

Gmail allows you to configure as many Gmail email addresses as you want which shows an alert when you receive a new email through the push and sync features. This ensures you stay updated on the go thus, set the sync intervals and you get to use gmail to check your gmail anytime.

How to login from a computer

· Go to the Gmail login page on which should take you to the “sign in” page.

· This is where you will be required to enter the email address you chose when you registered for an account. This should read like

· Enter your password in the text box provided for. It should be the same as the one you used to register. Make sure these details match or you won’t gain access to your account.

· When allowed access, the service will take you straight to your inbox where you will be able to see your new unread emails and your old ones.

If new to this and have no Gmail account to your name, worry not because the registration process is as easy as the login.

· Go to the Gmail website where you will see a “create an account button” right at the bottom of the sign in textbox. Alternatively, you can go straight to the Google accounts signup page.

· You will then be required to fill up your personal information like first and last name, date of birth, gender and phone number. This is where you also come up with your username that is the Gmail address and password that you will be using to gain access to gmail to check your gmail.

· And just like that, your Gmail account will be created and will be ready to receive and send mail! You also get to customize it with cool colors and themes to make it more personal.


With all these features and perks that come with Gmail, it is no wonder that it stands out among its peers. No wonder everyone is clamoring to own a Gmail account.

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